Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I'm bored today. Sold one Wilife nanny cam all day. Bored, bored, bored.


How bored?


I dug up an old C-mount-to-Nikon-F adapter we had in the basement, and stuck it on a box camera we have on display (a Sanyo VCC-6584). Then I stuck a Nikon 80~400mm lens on it. That turned out to be overkill, because at 80mm I could read the menus in the window of the Chinese resturaunt across the street, and at 400mm I couldn't see anything at all, just a blur.


So that killed 30 minutes.


Then I read the SIW IFSEC page. Then I went to Axis's website to read about their new P1311 box camera with H.264. Then I read a bunch of Axis white papers. Then I went to Wikipedia to see why it was called a "white paper" (when the English Parliament wants to announce a new government policy, they publish it on white paper, as apposed to green paper, which is used to propose strategy, or newspaper, which is used to wrap fish and chips).


Then I just clicked "random page", which gave me The Ramones, Registered Historical Sites in Albany, New York, a list of Urban Areas in New Zealand, which was ranked by population and median income (apparently, Aukland is the biggest city by population, but only the second by median income, while Wellington, the second biggest city, is also the richest), and a list of Shopping Malls in Houston, Texas. I was intrigued by this enigmatic entry:


Hong Kong City Mall - an Asian strip mall based in Alief, Houston, Texas at the southwest intersection of Bellaire Boulevard and Boone Road.  


What is an Asian strip mall?


Eventually that got boring, so I wrote this post. And I'll bet that I've now succeeded in boring you, too.

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